The Stressless Work Systems


This short 4-video mini course with world-leading "System Expert," Krisna Negara, reveals the 3 key pillars of creating an optimized business...



1st Video:

Communication Systems

This is one of the important areas where most businesses get it sideways.

One of the biggest problems is that we’ve been given all these fantastic tools, but were never really taught how to effectively benefit from them.

At a company level this becomes worse.

In this video, I explain the big difference between internal and external communication and how you can get rid of communication bottlenecks that slow down the growth of your business.


Want to maximise your results? Learn the exact process we use to do this.


2nd Video:

Managing Projects

Most business owners get this wrong and the biggest reason is a lack of action and momentum.

If you don’t have a project management system set up, you’re simply not going to be as efficient as you possibly can be.

Apply these lessons, and you’ll be years ahead of how most people go about building an effective project management system!

The Stressless Work Systems Program focuses on the three pillars needed for a business to scale:

Communication Systems

How to make sure your business supports itself by having effective communication systems in place?

Managing Projects

How to ensure your projects are making progress and everyone on your team is accountable, responsible and has absolute clarity of their tasks?

Automated Processes

How to set up Automated & Outsourced processes for each crucial area of your business? 

Want to learn the exact process we use to do this?

3rd Video:

Ideal Processes

Do you have properly documented processes in your business?

Are they updated consistently?

For a lot of you, the answer is going to be no.

In this video, I explain the ways on how to document your business, which allows you to scale so much quicker when your processes have been tried out, and now you have the momentum you need!


4th Video:

Next Steps...

How to continue from here?

What to do next?

We help busy entrepreneurs and business owners overcome the problems above, multiply their revenue and get their time back.

In this video, find out what to focus on next while growing your business.


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